NEW! Managed Detection & Response Service for Remote Work conditions.

Your employees are your key assets. Right now, they are working from home to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Let us help you protect your employees from the elevated cyber threat environment that they and your company are facing. Contact Us to find out more about our hybrid and cloud-based solutions, such as MDR Remote and DSRO.

Cyber SOC services out of Santiago (Chile).

Cyberattacks are a growing threat to every company and organization globally and no one is immune. The only way to combat the threat is a full range of prevention, detection and response services. 

This is why, ALRM Group has partnered with a world-leading provider of cybersecurity services, Rhea Group, to launch a managed Cyber SOC services in Santiago (Chile) in 2020. Our trained cyber specialists will let you focus on running your business, while we watch out for cyber incidents and help you identify how to tackle them. Our fixed, predictable and transparent pricing model means you will obtain a complete protection package for your networks and personnel. §Identify cyber threats and potentially hazardous user behaviour. Detect and analyze advanced attacks. Help you mitigate and contain any breaches

Our Cyber SOC will form part of the Rhea Group’s cyber ‘constellation’ of security centers in Ottawa, Brussels and Prague to minimize response times and provide our customers in Latin America with 24/7 service support.

In partnership with:
International leader for cyber security & defence services with Cyber SOCs in Ottawa, Brussels and Prague.

(Managed Vulnerability Assessments) Services
A consulting service for networks connected to and accessible through the public Internet (as well as internal systems). Conducted using best-in-breed toolsets that allow for rapid, methodical collection of vulnerability data from target networks and devices.
(Managed Detection & Response – for Remote Workers)
Provides enhanced protection to remote-working employees against the elevated cyber-threat environment that they and their organizations are facing. The MDR REMOTE service will protect any corporate and BYOD laptop/desktop devices that an employee is using thus protecting employees and the organizations from increasing cyber threats.
MDR 360
(Managed Detection & Response – Full Suite)
A comprehensive suite of managed services, including network monitoring, endpoint monitoring, cyber-threat detection, response and remediation, supported by network traffic analysis and contextually linked cyber-threat intelligence.
(Dynamic Secure Remote Office)
Built on MDR 360, provides scalability and security along with incident response. The solution is designed to provide the ultimate in secure dynamic network configuration allowing organizations to leverage existing networking solutions, such as firewalls and switches, with expanding the remote access to employees on a temporary or permanent basis.
Cyber Range ServicesNext generation cyber range providing a realistic emulation environment for critical infrastructure assets and heavy industrial. preparation against cyber threats.
Cyber Defence

Contact Us to discover solutions specifically designed for military and government clients.