The rule of law is an important indicator of a nation’s security and stability, social and cultural well-being, and a healthy economy. At the same time a government’s capacity and competence, the effectiveness of the justice system, the extent of accountability, respect for fundamental human rights, the protection of the vulnerable, and a public’s sense of well-being, are all somehow reflected by the performance of the frontline security and justice apparatus.

At ALRM we help assess need, tailor plans, deliver service, and measure impact. Our strengths are our experience, flexibility, and credibility; established building sustainable capacity in difficult environments, understanding cultural and religious relativity, historical context, and our multilingual capacity. Our delivery is multidimensional: needs assessment and strategic planning, to performance evaluation; skills training to capacity development; systems integration, partnerships and operational collaborations, adult learning to scenario-based strategies. From executive development to recruit field training, activities are tailored to the bilateral or multilateral environment and partner needs.

We offer focused strategies of reform, restructure or development across the spectrum of public safety, security, and legal issues facing police, corrections, prosecutions, border security, civil defence, and emergency management. This includes, but is not exclusive to, intelligence-led operations, counterterror, counter organized crime, gender equality, sex and gender-based violence, protection of civilian populations and vulnerable groups, refugees, integrated/joint operations, or skills development in any area of 21st century security and justice, including science, equipment, techniques or management. At ALRM, we build capacity intelligently using Canadian expertise.

Domain Lead : RCMP Chief-Superintendent David Beer