Our specialists are seasoned former Canadian and allied military Special Forces (SF) operators with years of global operational experience in their fields of expertise.  They are used to work in a multi-agency framework.  They all have real experience of working in unstable and volatile environments.

They can assist in the design and delivery of comprehensive Tier 1 and Tier 2 SF capacity-building programs at unit level and above, including training and mentoring at the operational and strategic levels, including the need for multi-agency co-operation.  

The training emphasizes the requirement for a military response in support of the civil authority and national law. 

The training is delivered in six phases using host nation training facilities:

  • Basic Range work; marksmanship and skill at arms using a variety of weapons
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Shooting; basic principles and execution of room combat with primary and secondary weapons
  • Specialist Training; Methods of Entry (MOE) training, sniping and sharpshooting, diving, repelling, RiBH
  • Advanced CQB; Multi-room, multi-level CQB, using a variety of MOE techniques and insertion methods
  • Options Training; integrating planning, orders and tactical execution of CT operations on a variety of targets

Domain Lead : LCol (Ret’d) Steve Day