The ALRM Group is a Canadian consulting company founded in 2015, with its main office located in Ottawa, Canada, and a subsidiary office in Santiago, Chile.

We provide comprehensive solution design and capacity-building services across the defence and security sectors, world-wide, ensuring institutional and operational effectiveness, by:

  • providing multi-disciplinary options and all-scale solutions; with
  • full service offerings from the strategic to the tactical levels; while
  • promoting the host country’s rule of law, international standards, professional development, ethical values, human rights and gender equity.

Our experts are typically sourced from the Canadian and allied military, police and security agencies with years of global operational experience in their fields of expertise.

The net benefit to our government clients is an enhanced public confidence in government services delivered by efficient personnel through the adoption of effective processes in a safer environment.

The net benefit to our corporate clients is a more resilient security posture achieved through the adoption of holistic and proactive security measures, advanced technological solutions and best industry standards.

CEO Testimony

In 2012, as a member of the NATO Training Mission, Afghanistan, I had the privilege of leading a team of ten NATO military and 30 international contractors, whose mission was to develop, train and mentor the intelligence capacity of the Afghan National Army.

Over the course of my 12-month tour, I came to know very well these men and women contractors who shared the same purpose, passion and commitment as I did. I was extremely impressed by the contribution these seasoned military and police veterans provided and I would even say that without this contracted workforce, our mission would have been impossible to accomplish. They brought a level of experience, expertise and unmatched commitment to the task. By virtue of their terms of employment they provided the much-needed continuity and flexibility to the various missions that regular forces are often simply unable to sustain over time.

Even today, with most of the NATO forces withdrawn, some of the same contractors that were with me, years ago, are still there alongside their Afghan partners ensuring the continuity of the assistance mission we started more than a decade ago.

The ALRM Group was created in the wake of this experience in Afghanistan, in order to offer to those Canadians and international veterans who still have the passion and desire to make a difference, the opportunity to put to good use their experience and expertise dearly gain in operational deployments.

Since 2015, ALRM Group SMEs have been deployed in North and Western Africa supporting allied governments counter-terrorism and counter-poaching capacity-building programs.

More recently, ALRM Group has expanded its capacity-building activities to the intelligence, cyber-security and public safety sectors in Western Africa and South America, necessitating the opening of a subsidiary in Chile in 2019.

— Colonel (Ret’d) Christian Rousseau