Col (ret’d), Dr. Arturo Contreras, VP Chile

Col (ret’d) Arturo Contreras is the Vice-President of ALRM Group Chile and as such oversees all its operations since 2019. A retired Colonel of the Chilean Army, he is a Staff Officer and Professor of the Military Academy in the subject of Military History and Strategy. He received a PhD in American Studies from the University of Santiago de Chile, and holds a MA in Security and Defense from the Complutense University of Madrid and MA in Military Sciences from the War Academy.

Dr. Polgati has taught on issues of strategy and international security at the University of Santiago de Chile, the War Academy, the University of Chile and the ANEPE’s Security and Defense Department among others. He is a Founding Professor of the Manuel Bulnes Chair on Security, Defense and Society at the University of Santiago de Chile. Since 2010 to date, he has delivered presentations at more than 290 conferences on Strategy, Geopolitics and International Security topics in various specialized forums in Europe, the United States and Latin America.

During his military career, he commanded the Artillery Regiment No.5 “Antofagasta”, served as a Staff Officer/Chief of Operations of the II Division, followed by a stint at the Army HQ, where he participated in the creation of the Army Communication Department. He acted as Army’s Head of Internal Relations and director of the Official Publications of the Army. Following his assignment as Deputy Military Attaché in Spain, Arturo became Deputy Director of the National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies and the Chief of International Affairs of the Army. His last post was as Deputy Director of Army Operations, a position where he participated in the coordination and deployment in 72 hrs. of the Chile Battalion to Haiti. Dr. Polgati is an author and co-author of many books and articles on topics of modern strategic thinking, intelligence operations and contemporary conflicts.