Michael BerkMichael Berk

Chief Operating Officer, The ALRM Group Inc.

Michael is the Chief Operating Officer of The ALRM Group,a Canadian company whose core business is the provision of capacity-building and institutional reform services across the defense and security sectors, world-wide.

With a background in military and security operations, Michael brings over 20 years of experience focusing on information operations, cyber-security, critical infrastructure protection, international security and Eurasian politics.

In 1995-2001, as part of the Israeli security system, Michael worked in progressively more advanced positions at the Ben Gurion airport and for El-Al Israel Airlines in Europe and Asia, completing his engagement as El-Al Assistant Chief of Security in Canada. Between 2001-2008, he was a Director and Research Fellow with the Canadian Institute of International Affairs/Canadian International Council focusing on Canadian foreign & defence policies and Eurasian affairs. As a Senior Operations Advisor with the Government of Canada in 2009-2012, Michael managed the development and implementation of a specialized federal security program focusing on suspicious behaviour detection.

With a Masters degree in Political Science from York University (Toronto), Michael published policy and white papers on lawful intercept, cyber-crime, insider threat detection, as well as op-eds on international security issues.  He gave numerous academic and policy presentations on security and strategicaffairs at international fora, including the World Institute for Nuclear Security, Eastern European Economic Forum, NATO and International Air Transport Association.

Since 2016, Michael has been a member of the OSCE Advisory Working Group on Confidence Building Measures (CBM) in Cyberspace and a Research Fellow with the Centre for Cyber Security and International Relations at the University of Florence, Italy. Most recently, he has been engaged by the Leiden University (Netherlands) to coordinate an international consultations process on responsible state behaviourin cyberspace in relation to the UN GGE 2015 norms dealing with critical infrastructure protection.